About Me

Nora Nolan is a writer and comedian who spent her first six years as a standup in New York City and Washington, DC (the DC Improv, Gotham Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, Magooby's Joke House) before moving to Los Angeles. She currently works for Whalerock Industries as the head writer for web shows such as Mandatory Viewing, a weekly show where men talk about current events, sports and weird internet videos, and AOL/Moviefone’s Weekend Watchist. Nora made her debut on the television writing scene when she was named a 2012 Quarterfinalist in Scriptapalooza TV’s contest and hasn’t looked back since. In her spare time, she drinks IPAs and whiskey, because she was told that's what female writers who write on shows about men do. She tweets @noranolan and can be reached for conversations of more than 140 characters at nora.nolan@gmail.com.